This Time For Realzies: Judgement Day, Part 2: The Judgementing

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Uh-oh, remember back in May, how the world was supposed to end with a bunch of goody goodies floating up into heaven and flashing their balls at us? And then remember how that didn’t happen and it was all hilarious? And remember how we all laughed at the guy who said the world was going to end with sack flashing god flights? And he was all like, “Well fuck you, it did happen, it was just invisible and you’ll see in six months when you’re starin’ up at my taint!” And we were all like, “Yeah, what ever crazy man, go be crazy somewhere else while we get back to not worrying about angry invisible rapture.”

"Who's got two thumbs and is gonna fuck your shit up? This God!"
"Who's got two thumbs and is gonna fuck your shit up? This God!"

Well, do you remember what day he said it was going to really happen for realzies this time? Well you know who DOES remember? Jesus.

Tomorrow, at “when ever you see believers in the sky” o’clock, this stupid little stupid planet full of stupid is gonna be over! It’s really going to happen this time! Seriously guys!

Have you noticed how many earthquakes there’ve been recently? Why, I read that just today there was one in San Francisco. SAN FRANCISCO of all places, experiencing an earth quake, co-incidentally the DAY BEFORE THE PREDICTED END OF THE FUCKING WORLD!? Did I say co-incidence? I meant NOT A GOD DAMNED CO-INCIDENCE AT ALL! And what about those floods and hurricanes and, you know, stuff. The world is flying apart at the seams people! Open your eyes!

I for one am here and now proclaiming my life long love of God and Jesus and everybody. Peter and Luke and who ever else. John, there was a John, right? I love all those mother fuckers. I always have, and I know that they’d never let their biggest fan be swallowed whole by this dying shit ball that I’ll be so glad when its gone! I’m gonna be kickin’ it up in heaven, with like, eighty tight angel ladies all complimenting me on my love of god and my indeterminate amount of abs. Me and JC and the Father, we’re all gonna hang out and laugh at the world writhing in agony below us, tip back a couple Four Lokos and play a little game of “No YOU’RE more awesome.” It’s gonna be so amazing and you’re not even gonna be there.

What? Wait, what? God’s not accepting any more applicants. On May 21st we were all judged and he’s just needed the last six months to warm up his planet splitter chain saw? Well that’s, that’s not really fair. I mean, I’ve just been comparison shopping. Like any good spiritual being, I’ve been pricing out deities, trying to find which one was right for me. ‘Cause, isn’t that what it says in the Bible, “Thou shalt have a fair amount of time to look around and make sure that you’re absolutely positive that you’ve made the best decision for you about having no other Gods before me.”? That’s in there somewhere, right?! RIGHT!?!

"Sorry bro, you are ska-rood,"
"Sorry bro, you are ska-rood,"

Oh science, I’m fucked! I’m fucked, you’re fucked, we’re all double plus super fucked! Alright, you know what? Fine. I’m good with that. I’ve lived a full, meaningful… productive… happy… life.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Oh Darwin! Oh Einstein! Newton help me! Alright, it’s not too late. I’ve got, I don’t know, some amount of time between eight and thirty-two hours left. If I’m going to hell I’m going there like I’ve got a god damned rocket strapped to my balls!

If I hurry, I’ve still got enough time to murder a drug dealer, have sex with the corpse, steal their drugs, sell them to a kindergarten class, maybe blow up a petting zoo. Oooh! I know! I’ll steal a car with a baby in the back seat, drive it through a handicapped nun picnic before finally crashing it into the river and lighting it on fire. Then, I’ll take a stack of Bibles that I’ve been saving for just such an occasion and give them a gathered crowd of homosexuals and feminists and activist judges and abortion doctors and we’ll all stand around in a big circle and jerk each other off onto them! Afterwards, we can sacrifice a new born lamb to, I don’t know, the wind or some shit.

Unless of course you’ll still have me Jesus, in which case, I’ll try not to do most of that.

Good luck with Hell suckers! Or… See you in Hell suckers!

At Least 72% of Fox News Poll Responders to Burn in Hell

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I’m not a religious man. I’ve been known to call God a “fucking dick“, a “thin skinned deity who throws a bitch fit every time something doesn’t go his way” and a “bearded sky douche” among many other unkind things. We don’t exchange Christmas cards, or as he insists on correcting me every fucking time, Birthday cards. But that doesn’t change the fact that many people are.

"Ha-HA! Back again! You bettah rekkanize!"
"Ha-HA! Back again! You bettah rekkanize!"

Of course all religions believe that theirs is the one true God. They read His book, buy His merchandise and hang out at His house every week, telling Him how great He is, hoping that if they suck up hard enough they’ll get on His guest list. And I guess that’s a fine system for billions of people around the world, so who am I to knock it. One of the problems with that system though, is that it is mostly based in fear. Now they say that theirs is a God of love and peace and sandwiches and reach arounds, but if you really flip through the manuscript, you’ll find that there’s usually a pretty hard line in there about how much you’re supposed to say how awesome He is or you will fucking melt until forever comes! That seems harsh. You would think that someone telling them that that might not be the case would be welcomed with open, as yet unmelted arms. But no, people are perfectly content with the idea that if they slip for even a moment they risk bobbing up and down in a boiling lake of molten pus and filth and don’t you tell them any different.

See, a couple weeks ago a book was released in which the writer called bullshit on Hell. I don’t know the specifics, I can’t read. But the basics are that this young book writing pastor shares his doubts on a literal Hell, where all of those not worthy of entrance into Heaven will spend eternity writhing in torment, sent there by their cry baby all mighty who didn’t feel like you really meant it. And the reaction to thinking that his loving God wouldn’t do that to billions upon billions of souls created in his own image, has been largely negative. People have been told for thousands of years to be good or spend an infinite infinities cooking but never ready to carve and they are good with that. But I can understand, it’s like life on the mortal plane. Because, I know that I would rob and murder and covet my sweet, tangy balls off if I didn’t have the ever present spector of continuous pay cable style butt hole intrusion hanging over me in the prison best befitting the punishment of my crimes. It is only the God of the judicial system and Punk Fucka, God of the tooth punched out forced fellatio that keep me from doing what my heart truly calls for me to do.

Which all brings me back to a Fox News Poll that I stumbled upon this afternoon. In this poll, Fox News online readers are asked “Do You Fear Hell?” A simple and straight forward enough question, but the answers are somewhat surprising…

Old school damnation.
Old school damnation.

First, straight away, 17% of responders answered “Yes. I am afraid my soul could be condemned there for eternity.” So right there we’ve got 1 in 6 people just throwing up their hands and giving up. They know what they’ve done and they’re pretty sure that God is going to be pissed. I suppose you have to respect those who know where they stand and seem to have accepted it. It’s freeing really, now they can suck and shoot to their heart’s delight knowing that there’s not a whole hell of a lot they could have done about it anyway.

Next, 11% say “No. I believe God’s love and forgiveness extends to everyone.” Those people are of course, going to Hell. Because that’s not what God says, or, at least not what his ghost writers say. So their beliefs are heresy and therefore they will share swim trunks with all of the pedophiles and telemarketers that their kind deserve to suffer next to.

Then we have the 39% who defiantly answered “I don’t believe in hell.” Naturally, they too will be joining those who believe in their God’s love and forgiveness for all creatures great and small. God didn’t create a Hell, in which you will to sit out your punishment and think about how it was that you so wronged Him as to deserve demons gnawing on your flesh and your most horrible secrets being laid bare before you, relived over and over again to eyes that will not close and head that will not turn away, for you to not believe that it’s for serious and as real as a flesh gnawing demon!

Another 5% clearly didn’t recognize the gravity of their answer, responding “Not sure. I guess I’ll find out when I get there.” and damning themselves to an unyielding torment as the ultimate answer to their flippant indifference. Yeah, I guess we will find out if your insides will boil, melting through your stinking, unworthy, forfeit flesh, and pooling around your feet. When you get there.

The final group is an uncertain lot, which is why I said that at least 72 percent will burn as 28% responded with “I’m certain I’ll be in heaven when I die.” The problem that I have with this statement is the question of avarice. Pride being a sin and all, is this VERY prideful answer enough to damn the remaining 28 percent to the shared fate of unending divine punishment? It’s one of the big seven after all, so it seems like it matters. On one hand, these people seem to be pretty sure that they’ve done everything required of them to be granted access to the big white party in the clouds. But by saying with such certainty that they WILL be in heaven, they kind of shoot themselves in the foot, an ironic punishment that will be revisited upon them for until beyond the end of everything. So really it’s at least 72% and up to a potential 100% of everyone in creation that will rot in the prison of their own making.

Paradise is a tough ticket to be sure, and really, when you think about the boring fucks that might make the grade, you’re better off gnashing your teeth with your idols in the main room, than sitting quietly, hoping you don’t kick over some bearded shy douche’s favorite cloud pile and make him change his mind.