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JHS Mathlete Veteran Asks Danica McKellar to Laser Tagstravaganza

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I wanna shoot lasers on the chest and back of my first boyhood crush, and for once I don’t mean that metaphorically… Danica McKellar, let’s Tag one another with, oh, what’s say: Laser!

The newly revived craze seems to be begging beautiful celebrities through the YouTubes to hang out with you and their having to pretend that it’s an adorable gesture rather than treating it like the creepy, psychotic love letters of the desperate and delusional that they truly are. But who am I to buck the popular trend?

C’mon Danica: my treat!

US Army Veteran Asks Cameron Diaz To Fondue Fun Night

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It seems that if us normal folk want to step out on the town with untouchable Hollywood types, all we need to do is shoot a cute little video asking these film gods and goddesses to go somewhere with us, and they’ll say “Yes”. Kind of like a fun game of Millionnaire-Truth-or-Dare for them.


So here’s our attempt to hook up with Hollywood Hottie Cameron Diaz for Van Full of Candy’s Fondue Fun Night at The Melting Pot in Sacramento, CA on November 18th, the same night as the Marine Corps Ball.

Jason is a US Army Veteran who was part of the 2nd Batallion/27th Infantry Regiment (7th Infantry Division) stationed in Fort Ord, CA. Hopefully that helps with the “she’ll do it because it’s her patriotic duty” sympathy card !!