A New Bar Where You Can Get Blown For $35? I Guess I Can Try It Out !!

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Imagine my surprise when I stumbled into a bar called Blo the other day and found out that for a mere $35 you could have anyone that worked there blow you. Yeah you heard me !! BLOW YOU on the cheap !!

Ok, who's next ??

You get to pick … the hot brunette with the girl next door look, or the hunky boy with emo jeans, tossled hair and smarty glasses. Anyone you want, nobody is judging and nobody cares, just as long as they’re not blowing someone at the same time, because they can’t blow two of you at once. Believe me, I inquired, I was gonna even throw in a ten note for their trouble. They did say however that it was something they were looking to add to their services but for now it’s just too tricky.

Come here ... I'll blow you !!

Now get this shit … while I was getting blown, I was watching a movie on their flat screen, enjoying a glass of sparkling with a copy of GQ in my hands. Now that’s some gawddamn service, no? I’m sorry what? Did you say no? Well get this … the employees have to keep blowing when they’re done with one guest … yeah, no breaks … once you get blown, then I get blown right away, and when I’m done … well you get the picture … they like to “turn and burn” as we like to say in the restaurant biz. How else they gonna make that dollah bill yo? They do have a competitor, but they go by the name of Drybar, and, well, I wouldn’t go just because of the name of the place … I mean come on … Dry? That’s one word I don’t want to associate with getting blown. Well, maybe I could get used to it.

One thought on “A New Bar Where You Can Get Blown For $35? I Guess I Can Try It Out !!

    Zachary Bellantone said:
    February 28, 2012 at 7:49 am

    Thanks for the awesome post. Clearly you spent some time on this. Keep on rocking!

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