Drugs Are Bad Mmm-Kay ??

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Doing some serious research about where to get a hold of some really yummy meth, FOR A FRIEND, I stumbled upon a beautiful anti-drug campaign that speaks for itself. These are before and after pictures of the natural beautification that meth can do for you without even putting any effort into it. There were over 100 pictures that I delicately boiled down into what I consider to be the best of this incredibly addictive batch. Enjoy !!

Thank goodness I spent extra time trimmin' my stache today !!

I'm glad my stache is still ... WHAT THE F IS ON MY FACE ??



Wow, I feel silly, this was a total misunderstanding, it wasn't mine
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH ... I'M 60 !!!!!!



People tell me I look like Huey Lewis
But I would really rather be David Letterman



I'm so scared, I'll never do it again, I promise !!
Promise broken ... HEY !! IS THAT METH OVER THERE ??!!

Everything courtesy of Multnomah County Sheriff via KTLA.com

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