We Will KICK You In The Facebook!!

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Big deal, you can kick a ball

I just read some bullshit about a soccer player who created a Facebook page and got 7 Million likes in 7 hours. Holy goddamn Pelé that’s a crock of shit. A soccer player? It’s taken us 3 months to get 80 likes on Facebook. EIGHT … ZERO!!! THREE … MONTHS!!! So apparently pouring your heart out onto this digital plain that looks like a piece paper day after day after fuckin’ miserable day doesn’t count for shit!! Apparently all you need to do is run around on some grass and kick a ball around with your friends to be popular, or apparently you have to be some sorta hot stud from Argentina, sponsored by ADIDAS, who just happens to be the best soccer player in the world right now and probably makes an assload of pesos! Ok, that’s cool with me, now where’d I put those damn shinguards?

Dude’s name is Leo Messi and as far as we’re concerned, he can go kick himself in the mouth with his gifted feet. But we here at Van Full of Candy aren’t bitter, NOPE! We love this kind of thing, and we’re gonna take it to the next level Leo! We challenge you to a race, actually two races.

Race #1 … you, me, soccer field, race from one end to  the other. Winner gets the other’s followers. BAM SUCKA!

Race #2 … First person to 8 million likes on their Facebook page gets the other one’s bank account … AND just to make it competitive, we’ll give you a 7 million follower headstart. DOUBLE BAM SUCKA!!

So let’s do this. We’ll wait for your response. You name the soccer field, we’ll be there. Show up alone.

Put your hands down, you haven't won shit yet!

Ok, so now that we’ve totally put our multi-million dollar bank accounts on the line for this, we are going to need all of your help. Please!! Go to our Facebook page and “Like” our page, tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends, and tell them to tell those people to tell their parole officers, or whomever, let’s kick this soccer guys ass and get to 8 million followers TODAY!! WHO’S WITH ME?!?!

UPDATE: [1:45PM] We just received Leo’s YouTube video reply, and he’s ALL IN!!  LET’S DO THE DAMN THING!!


3 thoughts on “We Will KICK You In The Facebook!!

    scott said:
    April 6, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    He probably has every Argentinean as his “Friend.” Stupid international super-stars.

      Van Full of Candy responded:
      April 7, 2011 at 9:32 am

      I guess that DOES give him an unfair advantage. Nevertheless, we shall persevere and crush his numbers. Even if it’s only 1 a day for the next 8 million days!

    Anonymous said:
    February 23, 2012 at 10:33 am

    you are so stuiped

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