UPDATE: VFoC Video: Rebecca Black Spoken Word goes VIRAL!

Posted on Updated on

What the huh!? I honestly thought Rebecca Black was played out by now but apparently the interwebs just can’t get enough of this spectacular train wreck. In just the last hour and a half since we posted our new video it’s already gotten an estimated 1,750,000 views! (We’ll explain “estimated”.)

We’ve been in contact with the YouTube big wigs all morning and they tell us that due to the high volume of views and the unyielding, relentless interest that they’ve had to continuously pull the video down and replace it since this flood of activity began, so if you have any trouble viewing it, know that it will be corrected immediately. Of course this also means that it keeps resetting our view total, but that’s fine, what matters is that it’s being seen, a LOT!

Thank you so much for this rabid support and keep telling your friends about it! Let’s see if we can break the YouTubes!

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